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When the featured folder filled up, I made new folders. I thought that making several folders would make things organized and leave out confusion. But apparently I was wrong because many of you are submitting to the wrong folder(s). So this is a bit of a Q and A that I made up and that hopefully will clear up a few things.

There's so many folders, I don't know where to submit!
Take it easy, relax. When you first upload your deviation to DeviantART, you choose what category to put it in. For example say you upload a poem to DeviantART and you decide it fits in Literature > Poetry > Nature > Free Verse so then you finish uploading it to DA and then you decide that you would like to submit it to Poets-Are. Great! That's wonderful. All you need to do is submit your poem to the nature folder since that is the category you selected for it in the first place.
Understand? If not tell me and I'll try to explain it better to you.

Oh, I know how to do that but I rush my submission(s) so sometimes the wrong category is picked.
WHY?!? This group isn't going anywhere. It will be here tomorrow, and the day after that, and even the day after that and garsh darn it even the day after that. And if it's the fact that you want to get it in RIGHT NOW. Well, sorry, but submissions here are not automatically accepted and say you send yours in at like 2 AM, I probably wont get to it until late in the evening. So just relax, m'kay?

Oh, I understand all that but when I submit my work to DA I put it in a category that is popular and then when I submit it to the group I put it in a folder that is more suitable.
Again, why? DeviantART made those categories for a reason and Poets-Are made these folders for a reason as well. Besides, you wont get away with it. You're submission will be moved to the folder according to what category your deviation is in. Or, it will expire, because I will be too busy accepting submissions that are actually submitted to the right folder.


I know that . . . but when I submit my piece to the group I put it in a empty folder and/or popular folder so it can get more views.
Dude, there are over 600 members in this group. Your submission will eventually be buried amongst hundreds of other submissions. It's fate. So if you want more views, submit more of your work! Here, it's not about quality but about emotion. And it really doesn't matter if your work only has too lines or is a page full of typos. Submit it! Who knows, you could move someone to tears or change someones perspective on something completely! Just please, PLEASE make sure you submit it to the right folder.

Thank you and keep writing,
K. J.

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Submitted on
November 10, 2012